Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Cinema


Jason Bourne is an unnecessary movie. Half-way through I screamed "This is so dumb give us back our precious Matt Damon".

Nothing new happens the entire time. Bourne is darker and more frustrated, there are car chases, another evil CIA director...

The film does emphasize Jason is now extra tortured about things by having him tour seedy underground international fight clubs, but it's anybody's guess as to what he cares about or wants to do.

Julia Stiles has some sort of Snowden complex, so that's different. But she dies really fast, so that fish is dead in the water.

If the series continues, Bourne will get angrier, learn more bits about his past, keep getting lost -> found -> try to take down CIA, and, after 2-3 more films, join The Expendables.

Central Park

Florence Foster Jenkins is based on the true story of an aspiring opera singer from the heights of NYC society who, objectively speaking, could not sing.

Now, I know you're dying for me to address the movie's taglines: "Based on the inspiring true story" and "Every voice deserves to be heard".

Well here it is: I hate them.

Florence thinks she's a great singer, and no one, for reasons of varying merit, tells her otherwise. She's in a padded, sometimes silly, world, partly of her own creation, and her husband, who does genuinely love her, is the most "protective" of them all. This is not inspirational.

The taglines are particularly upsetting because this is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. It's funny, bittersweet, and a wonderful picture of characters and relationships. You'll just laugh and cry about the characters and relationships through the whole darn thing. Go watch it immediately.

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