Wednesday, January 29, 2014

News Bulletin

North American politicians are all jumping on the get caught with drugs train. Toronto mayor Rob Ford kicked things off by smoking crack and Rep. Trey Radel of FL is the latest scandalous resignation - arrested a while ago buying cocaine from an undercover officer at a restaurant in D.C.'s Dupont Circle neighborhood. Speculators are just imagining the arrest took place at a pretentious coffee shop on a Sunday after a round of golf while the kids were waiting in the car as politicians are clearly not that great at doing drugs.

As pressure mounts for a total removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Afghan government is heightening the sense of drama by releasing a ton of prisoners from a Bagram Air Field facility. Onsite U.S. and Afghan officials emphasize they are pretty sure that is a bad idea. But members of the Afghan panel reviewing detainee files are supposedly an adventurous bunch with great faith in mankind's ability to move beyond violent pasts and live peaceful lives from this day forward.