Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Everybody's working for... their 401K payout

On the whole I like having a job. I'm not productive without one and unemployment is unhealthy. In general I also like being young. I don't want to be old, I'm not in a rush to retire.

Calitri, Italy
Population: 5.685
Southern Italy, close to Amalfi Coast, scenic vistas.

But on days when you wake up, trip over your laundry basket, drop everything you pick up at least once, spill coffee on yourself, have nothing good for breakfast, break a shoe and realize there's a bunch of stuff you forgot to do the day before... the benefits of work are less clear. When trapped in the above scenario the unemployed or retired aren't forced to persevere; they can go back to bed and try things again in a couple hours.

Istria, Croatia
Population 206,000
On the Adriatic Sea, mountains, like Tuscany but not touristy

So reading an article called '8 Cheap Spots for Retiring Overseas' was both inspirational and torture. I can't wait to retire overseas. In 30. long. years.

These pics are my top 3 choices. I found I was drawn to the smaller, more out of the way places rather than huge cities. Evidently my urban loving-small town hating persona is a huge sham.

Cuenca, Ecuador
Population 467,000 (ok so not that small)
Rivers, nice weather, Spanish