Tuesday, December 23, 2014

News Bulletin 103

Last week Obama took a first step towards friendship with Cuba by reinstating diplomatic ties with the country. Immediately the world broke into song and dance, but Congress is advising everyone ‘not to break out the BFF necklaces just yet’ because they might block a full lifting of the embargo, prohibiting most travel, tourism and trade. The Cuban government wishes to remind everyone that, ‘We still definitely  Communism.”

Sony Pictures made some comedy about a plan to assassinate North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. This made N. Korea angry so they (allegedly) hacked into Sony pictures, sent death threats, and claim the U.S. government produced the film. Then North Korea lost internet access and everyone is wondering if the U.S. shut it down. Washington is weighing its overall response to the hacking, conflicted between evidence incriminating N. Korea and astonishment that the country has internet access.

Falling gas prices have drivers everywhere in a panicked tizzy of road trips and SUV purchases. It seems a principal reason for the decline is Saudi Arabia’s decision not to limit production in order to drive prices up again. Oil producers with troubled economies say everyone is conspiring to bankrupt them with cheap gas. American consumers are mainly concerned with the big picture, chronicling each cent by cent price drop with informative Facebook posts.