Monday, December 5, 2011

It's ok to eat Fritos

Fritos have three ingredients: whole corn, corn oil, and salt.

Football game watchers who reach for a bag of Fritos counting on an artery clogging, food coma inducing snack have been deceived.  In reality Fritos are full of heart-healthy unsaturated fats and contain only a reasonable amount of sodium.

In one of the more shocking food-related revelations of 2011, Fritos have been declared a 'health food', but don't worry about finding them on the shelves of a local food co-op for $10.  While their comprehensible ingredient list has garnered a few health nut fans, they are clearly not marketed toward the granola crowd.  If they were, they would not be called Fritos.  They would be called Wholemeal Corn Crisps, or Crunchy Corn Squares (despite not being squares), or perhaps Wholegrain Chips with Real Chunks of Corn.


'Fritos are health food' has been a public service announcement and was intended to dispel reservations about purchasing a bag because Fritos seem like trashy food Joe Dirt would eat - as well as preemptively assure consumers that purchasing a bag one won't result in a food snob label.  Fritos are an equal opportunity health food.  Fritos are for everyone.

The next public service announcement will address Corn Nuts.