Friday, May 13, 2016

Sauvignon Yum

California is important because it gives us things to watch on TV, visions of happiness (did you know people elsewhere believe Californians are happier? Like they're at the beach all the time and don't have real life bummers like long commutes or being in movies that were supposed to be hits but were instead flops), and wine.

The wine is what I'd like to focus on today.

A couple weeks ago some friends and I went to Calistoga, CA, and we focused intensely on the wine.

Let's take a minute to talk about wine knowledge. My boss was talking about how he thinks people cop out from learning about wine, saying things like, 'I just don't have a good palate' or 'I like wine, but am unable to learn about it.' This is true and I nodded in solidarity of concern/annoyance with societal laziness.

At the same time... is it ok to not care that much? The tag-a-long friend in Sideways who tries wine and always says, 'Yup, pretty good' could play me if my life inspired a Broadway musical.

It would be a very mellow musical.

According to sources, millennials drink more wine than any generation ever, giving me confidence of being in good company whether any fellow wine drinkers admit it or not. Rather than a universal higher level of beverage choice discernment, wine is simply having a moment. Which is great, wine is delicious. It seems healthier than beer and less eyebrow raising than whisky.

The experience of wine tasting is also great. I enjoyed every glass at each vineyard we visited, and don't recall a single thing said by any vineyard people. Other than one of them being excited about our upcoming hot air balloon ride. More on that below.

Anyway, whatever. So deep. My work keeps trying to convince me to join up with the philosophy department and I'm like, 'No guys, I'm good.'

 One thing we did was hike to the top of Mount St Helena

 It was 10 miles

We were very proud

This vineyard had a gondola going up to the tasting! Here is a weird stock-photo looking picture of us.
Bike ride vineyard visiting

 Lame picture tour person took of us.
Come on man, we want to see the balloon.
 Hot air balloons are huge and you have to get up very early to take a ride in one.
 Karen being all, 'Look at me everyone, iss ma birthday.'