Monday, October 19, 2015


Last weekend I went home and did some farm stuff. 

We went trail riding.

Our group included several novice riders who promised excitement before we even started by wearing jeweled sweat pants and not touching their reins.

Ma’am… excuse me…. ma’am… I need you to pick up your reins. Right now.

Our group also included a big, black snake.

The snake was a surprise. It fell on the trail from some trees and scared the lead horses and then all the other horses panicked. Everyone was shouting and one of the novice riders was yelling ‘I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall’.

But she didn’t.

One person didn’t yell anything and did fall off.  She wasn’t hurt, but was scared and didn’t want to stand up. Which was too bad. It’s hard being a novice rider with big horses freaking out.

The ranch hand guys were on hand with helpful guidance like:

Walk on it.

It’s alright, shake it off.

You’ve already fallen, what’s to worry about now.

But she and her friend decided to go back, so we stood around for a few minutes while horses were shuffled and everyone talked about how big the snake was, biggest ever seen in the area, and how the whole summer had gone by without any incidents until now.

Another farm thing I did was buy some cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots are salt of the earth footwear that inspire patriotism and wholesome adventure. Of course if someone is stealing a horse or storming a saloon, you should be wary. But consider John Wayne. Cowboy boots generally speak to good character and pursuit of justice.

The final farm thing I did was get stuck behind a tractor on my way back north.

I thought, ‘Huh, so farmers work on Sundays these days.’ But I didn’t mind the delay because it’s harvest time and that's how it goes.

Then I thought of traveling for work and driving through some farmland. Here are pictures of Spanish cows, hay bales and tractors!!!! Yeah!!!