Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Give my regards to Broadway

Watching this year's Tony awards was a revelation.  I can't believe it took me this long to discover such a great event!  Previously the Oscars was the only awards show I liked, and it has been demoted to a solid second place.  The Tony awards is easily number one, a far more entertaining show one might even watch twice.  Well, the highlights anyway.

After a night full top notch performances, lovely acceptance speeches and a witty, entertaining and charming host, I'm in love, and have also concluded Broadway has far more talent than Hollywood.

If there was a smack down between '11 Tony host Neil Patrick Harris and '11 Oscar host James Franco - Harris wouldn't even need a smack.  After seeing Harris close the Tonys with a rap Franco buried his face in his hands and gave up on life*.  Unlike Hollywood, Broadway would never have committed such an inexplicable faux pas as Lindsay Lohan or Kristen Stuart.  Yes, yes many actors cross genres, but actual talent is needed to be really successful on Broadway. 

Let's start with the Tony award acceptors - they were all so well spoken!  The lack of umms, uhhhs, and all other incoherent murmurings was a breath of fresh air; people spoke with vocal inflection and actually thought about what they were saying. 

Perfect example: Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones presenting an award for something.  Their speeches, read from a prompter or not, were so well delivered someone should have immediately given them many Tonys then and there.

Mark Rylance.  If you're so engaging and entertaining people would line up to watch you breathe, why not give a metaphorical(?) acceptance speech about helpful tips for walking through walls.

And can we rave about the musical performances for at least five solid minutes.  If I had known there was a musical version of The Sister Act prior to Sunday night I would have rolled my eyes pretty hard; however, the oh so great performance of 'Raise Your Voice' made me ashamed of such a clearly off base hypothetical reaction.  Also fantastic was Anything Goes which must have inspired everyone watching to learn tap dancing.

Alright enough gushing.  I'm just glad the Tony awards are now a part of my life.  I will feel like a much more well rounded person trying to cram in all the nominations for Best Play rather than Best Picture.  I mean yes, fine, I'll probably keep up with both.  But I will feel better about seeing all of the former. 
*This is solely a criticism of Franco's hosting abilities.  I think he's a pretty good actor.