Thursday, August 7, 2014

When I said I would l die without it, I did not think I would live to own it.

For a long time I was very opposed to Lululemon. My reasons were strong:
1)      it is too expensive
2)      people who wear Lululemon are annoying (Seriously. People are really obsessed with it and have a weird self-righteous attitude about how it’s magical and better than everything!)

Then I realized Lululemon is amazing and a slow process started during which I thought, maybe, I might want some Lululemon.

In a moment of light headedness I went to their warehouse sale.

That feeling you get when you put something on and think, ‘I need to own this’, happened to me 8 times. There were a bunch of signs AND a DJ, saying ‘This stuff is not too expensive or annoying.’

Side note: The DJ was annoying. Let people shop in peace and quit causing stampedes by making announcements about the ‘$10 yoga mats in aisle 8’. Yes, I’m headed that way but not running only naturally walking faster than other people.

I bought a bunch of gifts and then a couple of things for myself, because you had to buy a certain number of items to get the special deal.

So I caved. Sue me. Wearing Lululemon stuff is like playing with puppies. It’s really cute and definitely magical. Any day you see me wearing Lulu is honestly the best, most comfortable day of my life.

A couple weeks ago my mom and I went to a Lululemon outlet and tried on tons of things before settling on even more adorable and perfectly fitting exercise wear.