Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm a published author!!!

Today in the mail I received copies of ON Magazine containing two articles by me.  Seriously.  At the top they say: By Lauren Viner.  This is the first time I've been paid to write anything, it was fun and seeing something I wrote in print was exciting.

Until I re-read the articles.  You often hear about drama queen writers with pathetic, crippling insecurity being overly touchy about 'their work'.  Everyone around them is thinking, 'get over yourself, it's fine.'  Well I was not prepared for this.  Interviewing someone, summarizing what they say and organizing everything into a cohesive, educated sounding article was kind of hard.  I found doing things like making sure I was quoting accurately to be a hindrance on my writing style, which normally consists of making up stuff.  Also not helping is the fact the magazine was mailed to subsribers a week ago and I have yet to receive any type of recognition.  Like a book deal.

So the articles are ok, but I want to re-write them so they're more creative sounding.  Don't you wish you could read them?  Well you can't because after 3 fruitless minutes of trying to find a free online writers portfolio I stopped looking.  Another 2 minutes on Google docs were also unsatisfactory.

Plus I need some practice.  So when I write something good, maybe you can read that.  The magazine is fun and has some stuff online which can be seen here.