Friday, February 3, 2017

Life is Perfect and Under Control

The world is changing. We ask, "What remains constant in our uncertain days?" Not closets. Certainly not closets. No! Closets must also change! They must be sorted! arranged! perfected!

Do not allow your closet to be a comfortable garbage hole.

 Why do you have so much stuff.

 Take a coffee break*. 
(*author not pictured)

 Don't freak out and get rid of everything.
Abandon stuff that's not good enough in bags on the cold, stony floor.
Savor this refinement and order with a little moderate maniacal laughter.

(This all took a very long time at the end of which I felt satisfied and neurotic, and went to La La Land [the movie not some kind of "special place"] [It was great. Clean your closet and go see it].)