Friday, January 21, 2011

News bulletin

U.K. chief media advisor Andy Coulson has resigned amid ongoing criticism for less than professional reporting tactics when editor of tabloid, News of the World.  Upon hearing their iconic tabloid was not the highest pinnacle of professional journalism, jaws of U.K. citizens have not stopped dropping and the country has plunged into total confusion.  Mr. Coulson claims he was unaware of shady tactics while at the helm of the paper, but alert individuals pressing the case do not believe him.

Former Hatian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier has gone back to Haiti after living in France for 25 years.  He left Haiti because people objected to his habits of embezzling, money laundering and murder. When asked why he would return to Haiti, officials said, 'We have absolutely no idea and cannot even come up with a reasonable guess'; and now he's charged with all those crimes again.  Close advisors to the former leader insist they did their best to explain: 1) definitions of 'earthquake' and 'amnesia' 2) cute nicknames' lack of legal importance.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book and a movie

I read A Room with a View awhile ago, and then I watched the movie.  Both were hilarious and the movie is as good as the book.  It could even *scandalous statement* be watched before reading.  There's one reason for this: Ivory and Merchant adaptations are flawless.
A review I read said something about 'a critique on Victorian society' which I suppose is true, but who cares.  It's a charming, funny story; stuffy Edwardian manners at their best with plenty of self-righteous indignation over any infraction*.

*Infractions most frequently committed by the more rambunctious younger and/or Renaissance characters**. 

**I'm not being pretentious by mentioning 'Renaissance characters'.  That's what they are.  Sometimes it's good to use specific vocabulary. 

A few favourite* lines from a few favourite* parts (won't be funny until you watch/read, so do one of those):

Charlotte Bartlett: 'I would have given you the larger room Lucy, but I happen to know it belonged to the young man.'

Charlotte Bartlett: *cough* Oh no, don't trouble yourself.  It's not a cold.

Mr Emerson: There, look at that fat one!

*An American using English U.K. spelling is a little pretentious.