Friday, December 20, 2013

Life Change

'It's the small things (that make us happy)' is a dumb saying.

If everyone gathered all the 'small' things in life that would make them happier, and did them, they would collectively be a big thing.

The stuff we say isn't a big deal is usually the stuff we deal with and look at on a daily basis. So if we make all that stuff better we improve our day to day lives.

There have been some pretty huge events going on in my life lately!

One: My picture frames are higher. Someone once pointed out they were too low. A claim I vigorously disputed only to later be convicted with the truth, and then no rest came to me until the pictures were raised. So now they are higher and I am happier each time I walk into my room and look at them. I walk into my room at least 20 different times a day, so I am at least 20 times happier than I was during the time of low picture frames.

Two: The Facebook app is off my phone.  I was addicted to Facebook. Half the time I checked it I didn't even want to. And there would be no good status updates so I'd put my phone away having learned absolutely nothing. I'd also be unreasonably annoyed with people who always have boring posts about their dinner and emotional condition. I now have way more free time and have started dozens of new hobbies.

FB free zone!

Three: I quit using flavored coffee creamer. Ok, yes, 'quit' is probably a strong word. I'll most likely have flavored creamer again. Actually, I did yesterday. Some of it, like the Almond Joy kind, is so good. But for the most part I'm all plain half and half and maybe just a pinch of sugar. I can taste the delight of actual coffee now without a creamer barrier clouding the experience.