Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Greece! I will visit you many more times!

 I went to Greece a few weeks ago and learned about this delicious way of combining vegetables. It's called a Greek salad, and you'll force feed it to all your friends if you really care about them.

Here is how it's done.

Slice some onion
Slice some green pepper
Cut up tomatoes
Cut up cucumbers

Envision what seems like a reasonable amount of feta cheese, and triple that amount. You want a big slab of feta.

Add olive oil and some of those little purpley olives.


Here are some other awesome things that happened during Karen and Lauren go to Greece, are the Best Travel Buddies in History, and May Everyone Profit From Their Example.

We stayed in Chania Town on Crete. (Helpful hint - Chania is not pronounced like you would think. Imagine it does not start with a 'C', and then emphasize the 'a' at the end. More like haanYA.)

 Chania Harbor

 We immediately found a grocery store and bought tons of chips.

Walking out to the lighthouse!

 Here we ordered drinks that tasted like cough syrup. The bartender tried to talk us out of them and came by later to say 'you don't like them do you', and brought us something else. Evidently American and Greek drink preferences are known opposites.

 We hiked the Samaria Gorge! It was 10 miles! There were falling rocks!

The walk down to the bottom took an hour.

I considered injuring myself in hopes of being allowed to ride this donkey.

We got into a fight.

Just kidding. That was a long time ago.

We wanted a selfie with the mountain but couldn't get our faces in the picture.

 Elafonissi beach

That's me showing how great the beach is.

Olympic stadium in Athens.

 Here is the Acropolis. I thought the Acropolis was a building. Helpful hint: it's that whole raised platform area. The big cliff right there is the Acropolis.

 Here Karen is laughing about my hard time figuring out the Acropolis.

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